We pride ourselves in the quality, hardiness and health of our plants. One of quality lines, Proven Winners®, has plants trial tested for our area to offer the best performance. Every plant in America is subject to at least one weather- or critter-related problem. What few gardeners realize, however is that these problems can be avoided by selecting plants that are more suitable for the specific region you live in. I personally have a hands on approach with all of my plant material. I incorporate some integrated plant management practices in our greenhouses which minimizes the need or use of chemicals and pesticides.

Cleanliness in a greenhouse is basic pest control. I maintain clean, dry houses. We are inspected annually by the Maine Department of Agriculture. I am proud to say that the inspector always give me flying colors. All of our perennials are purchased from top growers like Walters Gardens in Michigan who I have found to have superior quality perennials. I could chance it to sell a poorer quality plant but “quality first” is our mission.

We also offer bark mulch. Old Castle, formerly Jolly Gardner, located in Poland, Maine offers premium mulches that are the perfect backdrop for a beautiful and productive garden. Available in natural and color-enhanced varieties, you can choose the mulch that creates the perfect backdrop for your garden design.

New planting mix is a must and we carry Fafard. Fafard's Potting Soil contains a combination of selected Peat Humus, Sand, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss and Perlite ... a ready-to-use formula that promotes healthy plant growth.

Fafard's Complete Planting Mix is a blend of PEAT MOSS, TOP SOIL, and COMPOST. No need to mix different soil enrichment components for great results.

During the Fall we are selling mums, asters, pumpkins, cornstalks and beautiful Fall floral arrangements.

And if that isn’t enough you can also find us open right through the holiday season offering Maine grown Christmas trees and handmade wreaths.

Watkins Flowers also offers the service of custom designing and planting your window boxes and deck pots. Drop off your containers in early Spring in time for instant gratification by Memorial Day.